Ovni435 – Ubi is FOR SALE!!

Ubi is a 43’ blue water aluminum centerboard in very good condition with 3 cabins, sleeping 6 comfortably.

– 180 000 € –

She is an Ovni 435 from the French boatyard Alubat and designed by architect Philippe Briand. She is hull number 12 of the series, from 2001. Currently registered in Canada.

Inventory and Specifications



Reasons why we chose her:

  • Seaworthy, very safe. She is a well renowned blue water sailboat. The famous around-the-world-sailor-and-writer Jimmy Cornell had the exact same model and crossed many oceans. In Europe, Ovnis have a great reputation and are considered as the “four wheel drives of the sea”
  • Aluminum hull: it is a strong material, ages very well; no osmosis.
  • Retractable keel and rudder, with a minimum draft of 0.74m = 2.5’ so we can anchor in very shallow places (it has been a real advantage in French Polynesia)
  • Devalues very little over the years.
  • Small enough to be handled solo or as a couple, yet big enough for a family of 5.
  • Plenty of headroom.
  • Plenty of storage room.
  • Exceptionally bright inside.
  • Designed with simplicity in mind.
  • Completely self-sufficient for water and power, at mooring as well as at sea for a whole family.
  • The Ovni Club (ovniclub.com) is a very active community where you can give and provide as much help as needed.

Since we purchased her, we gave her significant improvements for ocean passages.

We arrived in French Polynesia in May 2019, where our playfield is vast (bigger than Europe) and opened to explore all year round, with tropical temperatures and magical islands.

We made another round of improvements in 2020 with hope to sail west through the South Pacific. But, as the say goes, plans are written in the sand at low tide. So Ubi is ready for another person, couple or family.

3 thoughts on “Ovni435 – Ubi is FOR SALE!!

  1. Hi there, we r on the lookout for a nice boat like yours. We intend leaving summer 22 from the Netherlands. Meanwhile we have to save a couple of xtra bucks to overcome 200k. Or do you have a certain level of negotiation space. In technical sense, is there a recent 3rd party survey report- what can we expect for immediate expenditures? Wishing you all the best and thnx for some awesome footage – grtz from Soest Netherlands.

  2. Where is UBI now?
    I’m thinking about buying an Ovni come October or later this year if the stock market stays good.

    I have looked at the Ovni in Guatemala.
    I like your’s better; however, my plans are to be based in Guatemala. That is a strong reason to purchase Guatemala boat.

  3. Hi is this boat still for sale.

    Very interested

    Look forward to hearing from you


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