How Much Water?

We use approximately 20 to 30L of water per day. This is how it is broken down:

  • About 8L for drinking¬† (about 4L for lunch, 4L for diner, and very little for breakfast as we drink milk in the morning)
  • About 2-5L for cooking
  • I would estimate maybe 2-3L for dishes washing: we wash all the dishes with salt water (we have a salt-water faucet at the kitchen sink)
  • The rest to rinse off after swimming and take an evening shower.

Our water maker is nice and small, and we can run it most days. It runs out of the solar panels. We wait until the batteries are fully charged and will have it run typically at lunch time and beginning of afternoon. It produces approximately 20L per hour.

We know of families of 5 who use about 200L a day. They have a much more powerful watermaker, and use a generator to power it.