What has been incredibly helpful so far, whether because of the wealth of information, or the moral support and motivation support:


  • Totem’s Personal coaching: ask the cruiser  The family on Totem helped (and helps!) us so much, from figuring out what type of boat would be great for us, to understanding the important pieces of equipment, where to get information, and so much more… A big big thank you to Behan and Jamie!


The main treasures so far have been:



  •, interactive cruising guidebook
  •, incredible worldwide resource for cruisers, including piracy locations, security reports, marine facilities in any ports, and much more
  •, showing weather forecast (wind, waves, temperatures) all over the world on a beautiful, colorful map
  •, with information on collaborative effort to work with islands affected by the recent hurricanes
  •, or how to gather data as a citizen for ongoing research, such as the Secchi Disk project
  •, website where Ovni owners help each other. Tones of great info!

Facebook groups:

  • WomenWhoSail: The title says it all. Safe place to exchange info and thoughts
  • Kids4sail: group for cruising FAMILIES who are currently/preparing to live aboard or cruise
  • The Boat Galley (there is much more than facebook: book, website, etc…)

Blogs of buddy boats: