The Crew

We are a tribe of five. This is our team, our crew, our family.

  • Michael (40 y.o.), electro-mechanical engineer, worked at Intel for the last 13 years as computer architect (until April 2018). He loves kite-surfing, the outdoors and tinkering in the garage and in the yard. He got introduced and hooked to sailing on the Mediterranean in his youth.
  • Nathalie (41 y.o.), bio-mechanical engineer, was a professor in Mechanical Engineering at Portland State University until December 2017. She is passionate about hands-on education and innovation. She grew up sailing with her family on the sailboat her dad built, all around Brittany, France. She plays the guitar and loves all activities related to water.
  • Noah, 12 y.o. He loves legos, books and all kinds of fruits.
  • Bastien, 10 y.o. He likes to play with legos figurines and to dance. He has a hard time with most fruits. His favorite sport is skiing, but it might switch to kite surfing very soon…
  • Naomie, 8 y.o. She loves to sing and live in her stories. She teases her brothers quite a bit. She loves swimming and wakeboarding. She LOVES dogs.

We came to Portland, Oregon from Belgium and France with two pieces of luggage, thinking we’d only stay a few years. We loved this area and stayed twelve years in beautiful Oregon, and meanwhile had three kids, two cars and one house. In Spring 2018 and after 3 years of preparation, we sold everything, and have been living on Ubi full time starting July 5th 2018…

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