11 thoughts on “Here we go!!

  1. Bon voyage ! J’arrends avec impatience des nouvelles sur le site web. Je vous embrasse, tous! Krista

  2. Bon Voyage! I hope you have smooth sailing ⛵️I’ll miss you! Bastien,Noah and Naomie’s freind: Jai!

    1. Bastien to Jai: “ we are doing well thank you. I wish we could see you. Yesterday we ate some shark and we saw about 20 dolphins. See you on January 29th!”

      1. Hi! This is Jai again. We really miss you guys so much. And Layth,Taim,me and Carter really really miss you. But I miss you the most

  3. I just love to write to you. We’re all following your blog. We are really looking foward to you guys coming back.

    1. Bastien to Jai: “I miss you too, more than my brother and my sister! Thanks for your messages. They were really nice. How’s school going? If good, let me know what! That’s it. Bye!”

  4. we are doing great! The class of CE1 is doing well! Today my friend Jonah is over at my house.

  5. Once you have your boat and ready to sail, what is a good budget average a month to plan for such as entering other countries and so forth?

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