One week and we are off…

Okay, in one week, we are leaving for Martinique. The list of things to do has been, of course, ginormous. Mood has been good and productive. But the stress comes out in the night (of course). Last nightmare: of course, one kid fell overboard, Mike jumped with him, and I couldn’t manage to get the boat to turn around efficiently, going further and further from them. I didn’t wake up nice and relaxed. And I won’t talk about the nightmare involving Bastien having an asthma attack and outboard not functioning to go to shore…

On the list of things to do today:

  • Finish checking immigration and custom needs for all Caribbean islands from Martinique to Florida. (I just labeled 11 courtesy flags)
  • Finish ordering medication for first aid kit (we got our Typhoid shots yesterday)
  • Research and order spares that we might need for the engine
  • Buy small Christmas presents
  • Do laundry (!)
  • Go jogging!!

Kids are more and more excited. They want to make sure Santa will find us on the boat. They can’t wait to finally visit Ubi. Here are the last creations they did at school. Noah did his first 3D printed object. Guess what he chose… And Naomie went for the world…

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