On the first day, Ubi had a hole!!!

Long story short: a professional who was installing our water maker drilled a hole in the hull by accident. Ubi took water in. Bilge pump was not functioning well at first. A lot of stress. A LOT. But we figured it out. 24 hours later, Ubi got in and out of the water, Mike and I probably slept 3 hours each, we are now back to normalcy: only 1235 projects left to do… but  I still got to go to an incredible beach with the kids this afternoon, to relax a little, while they were working on the hull. 🙂 adventure, here we are!

4 thoughts on “On the first day, Ubi had a hole!!!

    1. Oui, répare!!! Ça avance enfin! On va partir vers le nord demain 🙂 yeeepppeeee! Bisous et bon réveillon!

  1. Much love to you & your family! — you will make it, of course.

    …meanwhile, in Portland, it’s 33^F and raining (hillsboro is colder, don’t worry!)… don’t you miss it yet??


    1. Thanks Jeremiah! I don’t miss the cold weather yet. We just got used to the heat here 🙂 I hope you will enjoy some snow. Hugs and happy holidays! Nat

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