6 thoughts on “Video, Episode 3: Ubi in Dominica

  1. Okay, so I’m ready to say it: any doubts I ever had about the sanity of your choice to take your three children into the middle of the ocean and sail through foreign waters using star navigation while simultaneously repairing broken engines and having a not-quite-functional GPS system were totally unfounded. You two are capable of all of this and more, and right now all I wish was that I had somehow convinced you to bring us along!!!

    We are patiently awaiting Vlog #4 🙂

    And Mike (I’m assuming you are video editor here) I just LOVE the little tinkling bell music combined with Nathalie’s comments about holes in hulls and hydraulic engine failures … just too good.

    Did I say how much we love you guys? Love you tons!

    Lindsey et. al

    1. Linds, thanks so much for your support 🙂 It definitely helps. A lot! I’m glad you like the videos. I (Nat) edited videos 1 and 2. Mike did #3. Mike and I are probably going to work on #4 together 🙂

  2. Oh … and I totally spaced out my original comment: thank you for sharing video of your river tour and pictures of your time actually on land in Dominica. It is so important for all of us to see the reality of life there after the hurricane, and my kids and I are going to pause our current geography studies to look more in depth into life on the islands you have shown us here. More questions to come!!


  3. Naomi et Amalia: on vous souhaite un bon voyage et merci de partager les vidéos avec nous. On a aimé regarder les dauphins et découvrir votre bateau. Bisous a Nath, Mike, Noah, Bastien et Naomie.
    Tiff: Nath, j’essaie de t’appeler très vite. Gros bisous!!

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