Video, Episode 6: Ubi in BVIs

So, the last blog was our video in Guadeloupe. As you probably saw on our map, we are now in the BVIs and went through Antigua and St Barts. But why no video of our time in these islands? Well… our laptop died 🙁

Too bad, because there are tones of great videos and drone footage… maybe one day.

Here is a quick video the drone software put together, with footage taken on Virgin Gorda, BVI

As for the rest of the news, well, today, the whole Ubi tribe except mama Ubi left to go back to Portland Oregon. Sad day.

1 thought on “Video, Episode 6: Ubi in BVIs

  1. Great to meet you last night. We will follow you on your adventure. Be safe and enjoy.
    Karen & Chris Begley xo

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