Video 7 and Numbers: Summary of Ubi, from Puerto Rico to Bimini, Bahamas!

A quick summary of our month of February spent on Ubi, navigating from the British Virgin Islands to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In numbers:

– 29 days father-daughter time on Ubi  (Feb 4th to March 6th)

– 1185 nautical miles

– 5 countries

– 3 big halts due to weather (one week in Puerto Rico, one week in Dominican Republic, three days in Bimini)

– 10 nights at anchor, 8 nights at sea, 8 nights at a mooring buoy, 3 nights at a marina

– too many times with engine problems: falsy overheating alarm, real overheating problem

– 2 times Ubi gently touched the ground with its keel (sorry Ubi!)

– a bunch of incredible people met along the way: locals in each of the islands, as well as fellow sailors: SV Odela, SV Liquid Spirit, SV Sea Otter, SV Wind Bird, SV Oceananigans, SV Adrenaline, SV Our Destiny, SV Tikkihut

Little summary video (sorry done with my phone, as no more laptop since January):

2 thoughts on “Video 7 and Numbers: Summary of Ubi, from Puerto Rico to Bimini, Bahamas!

  1. I love the fact that you were able to spend this passage time with your father. Not a lot of people could do that…not a lot of people would want to. I’m glad you and your dad wanted too and that you DID it!!! You will never forget this time together. It’s getting very real!!!

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