Video, Episode 11: Princess Louisa Inlet

Princess Louisa Inlet sits deep in the Jervis Inlet, in British Columbia, Canada. It is a long ways to get to Malibu Rapids, the narrow entrance to this majestic inlet. We started the engine in the early morning to get there at slack tide. Our average speed was a bit better than expected and we arrived 2 hours earlier. We motored a bit further to explore the shore line and beautiful waterfall. The Jervis inlet is so deep and steep, we were comfortable a few meters away from it: it gave us a chance to see seals and their small pups sunbathing on a rock. We also let the boat drift as we all went for a swim in the surprisingly warm sea water.

At a distance, we were keeping an eye on the other boats waiting for the right conditions to enter the rapids. When the time came, we followed them into the Princess Louisa Inlet and found a slot at the public dock next to the Chatterbox waterfall. Mountains 1000-m high surround this quiet and secluded piece of sea, seemingly preserved in time.

We decided on this little detour from our way to Desolation Sounds, based on Nathalie’s dad request. He came to Princess Louisa Inlet about 30 years ago with his kids and talked about it with such passion that we had to see it for ourselves. We now totally understand why he felt this way; we too now want to go back one day. We simply hope it won’t take us 30 years…

Short version:

Long version (with more details and more footage of the kids):

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