4 thoughts on “Video: Episode 17. Portland to San Francisco.

    1. Hi Carlos,
      So nice to hear from you. Any chance you’d come down to La Ventana for some kiting 😉

  1. Hey Guys … love you like crazy, but (1) where am I in the Portland pictures?? and (2) you spelled “previously” (as in “previously on Ubi”) wrong 😉 But my gosh … those whales! And those kids! (I miss them …) I love how you gave that weary seagull a lift to San Fran … and I love the ice cream sundaes you ate … and I love your smiles and the darkness of the night contrasting with the light from your cabin. Love you all ~ Lindsey

    1. Thanks Lindsey; I can full responsibility for the typos. I am still working on my English, you know 😉
      About the footage of you, please come and meet us and we’ll put you in one video ;-).

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