Video: Episode 18: Sailing the California Coast

What an adventure, spending the months of October and November 2018 going from San Francisco to San Diego.


2 thoughts on “Video: Episode 18: Sailing the California Coast

  1. hi bastien,noah,naomie,are you doing well? I was wondering… have you seen any pirate chickens? because if you have i’ll be so happy that i’llhave to squeeze you


    1. Hi Jai !!
      Thanks for your message, sorry we missed it for so long.
      No, we haven’t seen any pirate chicken. But we have seen chicken roaming around on the beach. Some boats have pirate flags, but it is just for fun; we don’t think they are real pirates.
      We hope you are enjoying your summer break. We are going back to school in two days ! But it would just be for a month, after that we will continue with our boatschooling.

      So long dear friend!

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