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  1. Dear Noah,
    If my memory serves me, today is your birthday!!! Do you remember when you used to ask me all your family members birthday to see if I could remember them? Today I remember that it’s all about you. This morning as I prepared to send you a birthday greeting, I watched your recent blog posting where you narrated the catching of a fish over the radio to your friends! You looked pretty official, and you looked so grown up!!!!! That’s what happens when you take off for a year and travel the world, you see things through new eyes and you grow up, not only in inches but in mind. I’m so proud of you, and your brother and sis, (not to mention your parents) as you take this big adventure of a life time. And swimming with whale sharks, how cool was that? BIG, FAT WOW!!!

    I think your grandparents are going to be with you for your birthday, that is also a bonus. It’s a long distance to come from for a birthday celebration and party, haha! Things are going well here, teaching again and missing you and your bro at lessons. I hope you guys are able to use your keyboard every now and then to keep your skills honed! I can only begin to imagine how much fun it must be to hear piano music and ukulele coming from a sailing vessel…the fish must love you guys!!! You know there was an American composer named Alan Hovahness who lived the last part of his life in Seattle Washington; he wrote many beautiful pieces of music including a symphony called “And God created great whales”. It was inspired by his time living in the Puget Sound area where you have been on your boat. Some time you should listen to this piece of music and see if you can hear the whale sounds in it, they use real live sounds of recorded whales over the intensity of the underlying symphonic music, It’s fabulous! https://www.youtube.com

    So here’s to you on this special day Noah. Make it perfectly wonderful in every way. I think of all of you more often than you may imagine. I am always wondering about the next adventure you will have and sending you perfect energy for each day! Please say hi to your mom and dad, to Bastien, to the birthday girl Naomi and to your grand parents. Make it the best birthday you’ve EVER had! BIG LOVE, Cathy

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