Video: Episode 29: Tuamotus 2

After our trip to the Society Islands, we head back to the Tuamotus, for a second visit. The Tuamotu are on the way to the Marquesas, where we planned to go for hurricane season…

The Tuamotu archipelago is an amazing place to experience the underwater world, in the middle of the Pacific ocean, while still being protected inside the atoll from the swell. With only a few meters (at most) above sea level, you don’t see the archipelago until you are very close. The currents between the atolls make it a dangerous place, and we can understand why people would avoid this area of the world before the GPS and reliable marine charts.

Many ear infections limited our playtime in the water but we have still done a lot in this second visit and met GREAT people on land and on boats.

Enjoy the video !

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