Video: Episode 28: Back to Tahiti

After our trip to the leeward Society Islands, we are back in Tahiti for school (land-based, for a change) and boat work. We managed to tackle a good number of boat projects while the kids were attending the Tahiti Internation School.

We skim over a few in the video but here are some more:

  • we replaced the cushions form the saloon; the new ones are of a nice burgundy tint.
  • we ordered new waterproof cockpit cushions, of the same color; we use then when we have extra guests on board or during warm summer nights.
  • we tried to fix our sewing machine but we didn’t manage to find the spare parts either in Tahiti, Europe or in the States. The local sewing machine expert, Célestin, offered us to borrow one of his for our time in French Polynesia. Thank you Célestin !
  • we replaced the piston of the rudder control: we wrote about it in a previous post (

Also, we realized we had no footage from Noah’s birthday… It was the last day of school, the grand-parents just flew in and Nathalie flew out to Oregon the same day. But he still had a birthday party on the day, and with his friends the following weekend.

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